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The BEST Lightweight Double Stroller

Updated: Sep 24, 2022

After using a heavy duty double stroller for two years, it was time to transition to a lightweight stroller, so as anyone else would do, I of course took to Instagram and Google to hunt down the best lightweight double stroller, and discovered the Zoe TWIN+ Stroller! After MONTHS of begging, hubby was on board, and it is so worth the investment! Zoe Baby created their strollers truly thinking of the parents, and created a dream stroller design that makes using it incredibly simple and easy!

What I LOVE...

  • Lightweight

  • Easy to Maneuver

  • One Step Fold

  • Seats have individual recline

  • Canopy cover whole seat (Plus UPF 50 Protection!)

  • Just enough storage + pockets for parental use

  • Fits through Standard Doorways

What I Don't Love...

  • Not infant carseat compatible

  • That I didn't get it sooner and that I only have one LOL!

Honestly, I genuinely LOVE this stroller! I truly wish I had invested in it sooner, but I am glad I got it when I did! Probably my favorite part about it is that it folds! Most lightweight double strollers fold long ways which is a nuisance because it cant stand on its own while folded. The TWIN+ folds with one pull and can stand on its own AND saves more space in your trunk!

Another bonus is that the seats can recline separately making it more comfortable for both children riding! When we first got the TWIN, Malakai was only 3 months old and unable to sit up on his own, so I had his seat reclined completely (165 degrees). Zion (2 years old) was still able to sit up comfortably or have his seat at a slight recline, and I didn't have to worry about his disrupting his baby brother!

In addition to the seats reclining separately, the canopies can be extended simultaneously at different lengths which is nice when one little is napping and one is awake or just if one needs to have a bit more coverage than the other! that I think about it, I lied about the best part of this stroller...My Favorite part is that it fits through ALL Standard doorways. Yes, ALL!!! I have taken this stroller to the mall, grocery store, Disneyland, parks, restaurants, schools, omg SO MANY PLACES, and have NEVER had an issue going in and out of doorways. That is one of the biggest concerns with double strollers and I have peace of mind knowing that I will never have this issue!

Now, to the only thing that I don't love about this stroller is that it is not carseat compatible BUT because the seats have up to a 165 degree recline, that is not an issue! Your infant can comfortable ride with their older sibling, or if you have twins, they can comfortably ride together!

Zoe Twin+ Accessories

This stroller (along with their other strollers) come with many accessories! Here is a list of some

  • Trio+ and Tribe+ Seat add-ons (turns the Twin+ into a Triple or Quad Stroller - Amazing, I know)

  • Snack Tray

  • Parent Organizer

  • Entertainment Holder (for tablets/phones)

Zoe also has single strollers (The Tour+ - carseat compatible with Chicco Keyfit 30 and The Trip) as well as their NEW Jogging stroller (The Terra) in both a single and double model which IS carseat compatible!

Shop Zoe Strollers here and check out ALL of their incredible products (they make more than just strollers, you will NOT be disappointed)!

To save $15 off of your $200 purchase, enter my code: MORGAN15 at checkout 🙈

Stroller Q+A

  • Which double strollers are easy to collapse and not too bulky?

Many double strollers now that are in-line/modular (one seat behind the other) are able to be collapsed without the seats/carseat attached making them very simple and easy to collapse without taking up too much space! When my boys were babies, having the option to use their infant seat plus toddler seat for the older ones made that kind of a stroller ideal! I personally had the Baby Jogger City Select! Now that I have switched to a lightweight stroller, hands down the Zoe Twin+! One step fold and doesn't take up too much room in the trunk because its all one piece versus having to store the stroller frame, seats and carseat adapters separately!

  • Do you have recommendations on how to keep the bottom of the stroller organized?

The simplest way to keep the bottom of the stroller organized is to have a parent organizer which is attached to the handlebar of the stroller so parents have easy access to their phones, water bottle, keys, etc. things that need frequent access! I only store lunch bags, blankets, or jackets in the bottom and attach the diaper bag to the handlebar or on my back so that its in reach! I do my best to keep the storage basket only for bulkier items and small items in my bag!

  • What are must haves to keep in the stroller at all times?

I always keep a blanket (lightweight in warmer months and a thicker one in colder months) in the stroller and a few lollipops (for emergency purposes LOL)! Because I always have my diaper bag with me, I just attach it to the stroller while we are out and have everything I need right there!

  • Which strollers are smoothest with pushing that you've had experience with?

All three strollers that I have used have had very smooth rides! I used the Uppababy Cruz with my oldest, Baby Jogger City Select with my second and third baby, then switched to the Zoe Twin+ a few months after having our third baby! The main downside to the City Select is that it is HEAVY, so pushing that plus two children is a workout lol

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