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There's SO MANY, so how do you choose?!

When choosing the perfect stroller, there are THREE things I consider: Price, Quality/Compatibility, and Longevity. Let's break it down!


Strollers can be pricey, but they don't have to be! Two questions to ask yourself are: Does cost matter to YOU? If so, how much are you willing to spend on a stroller? Does a higher price tag really mean higher quality?

To guide you through the first question, does the cost of your stroller matter to YOU, why? Because you are the one purchasing it! What is a comfortable budget for your stroller and can you find what you need and want in that price range?

The good news is that stroller companies are beginning to make strollers in varying price ranges of great quality and styles! Many $400 strollers can give you exactly what the $1000 stroller can! I'm all about stylin' on a budget! Which brings me to the next question...

Does a higher price tag REALLY mean higher quality? Not necessarily! One comparison I like to make is between two popular brands: Chicco and Uppababy

Chicco Corso LE Modular Travel System

$599.99 (Amazon)

Uppababy Cruz V2 + Infant Mesa Carseat

$999.98 (Amazon)

These are modular travel systems that can be used with or without the carseat (carseat adapter included)! When your little one is ready for the toddler seat, it can be reclined, forward facing or rear facing, giving you multiple positions to have your little seated so that they are comfortable! As you can see, both strollers operate the same with similar functions, the only major difference is the price!

This is just one example, but there are SO MANY options available!


The second thing to consider is the quality and compatibility of the stroller you desire to have! How smooth do you want the stroller to roll, can it be used easily on multiple terrains, is it easy to open and close, how heavy is it, and is it compatible to your lifestyle and carseat you desire to have.

Most strollers now have very smooth rides due to the wheels being able to swivel and many no longer have air filled wheels making them pop proof! In addition, many have high quality wheels making them able to be used on multiple terrain roads (street, grass, sand, dirt), even if they are not specifically advertised as an all terrain stroller!

Another major factor is how easily the stroller opens and collapses as well as its weight! As parents, we will be using our stroller multiple times a week, so we want to make sure that we are able to operate it with ease to make being out and about go smoothly! One question to ask yourself is, "How fast can I set up/collapse my stroller if its pouring down rain?" NO ONE wants to be standing in the rain trying to get a stroller in and out of the car, so thats a good question to ask yourself!

Lastly, will the stroller be compatible to your lifestyle and carseat you choose! What is nice is that there is a stroller for pretty much every way of life! If you are very active and go for runs often, there are so many jogging strollers! If you prefer a stroller more for style and a leisure-like lifestyle, theres also options for that and everything in between! When it comes to carseats being compatible, a majority of strollers come with adapters that make whatever carseat you choose to be able to latch onto the stroller OR you can buy a travel system which is a carseat and stroller combo, and there is no question about whether or not you can use your desired carseat with the stroller!


The last thing to consider when buying a stroller is longevity! Ideally, you want your stroller to last you through toddlerhood, so from birth - age 3 or 4! Also, if you do plan to have more children in the near future, you want to make sure that the first stroller you purchase can accommodate two or more children (unless you plan to buy a new stroller every time you have a new baby)!

Longevity also goes back to price, quality, and compatibility! If you are like me and like to plan ahead, sometimes it is worth spending a little more for a higher quality stroller that will last you for several years for use with multiple children versus cutting costs and buying a single stroller that'll last you through one child, and you needing to buy a new one a couple years down the line!

To tie this altogether, when choosing the right stroller for your family you want the decision to come down to cost, quality/compatibility, and longevity! The options are ENDLESS, so you will have many to choose from!

Here are some photos of stroller's that I have had in the past before transitioning to a lightweight stroller...Stay tuned for my next post about my go-to lightweight double stroller!

Uppababy Cruz + Nuna Pipa Carseat

Used in 2016

Baby Jogger City Select + Chicco fit2 Carseat

Used from 2019-2021

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Stroller Q+A

  • Which double strollers are easy to collapse and not too bulky?

Many double strollers now that are in-line/modular (one seat behind the other) are able to be collapsed without the seats/carseat attached making them very simple and easy to collapse without taking up too much space! When my boys were babies, having the option to use their infant seat plus toddler seat for the older ones made that kind of a stroller ideal! I personally had the Baby Jogger City Select! Now that I have switched to a lightweight stroller, hands down the Zoe Twin+! One step fold and doesn't take up too much room in the trunk because its all one piece versus having to store the stroller frame, seats and carseat adapters separately!

  • Do you have recommendations on how to keep the bottom of the stroller organized?

The simplest way to keep the bottom of the stroller organized is to have a parent organizer which is attached to the handlebar of the stroller so parents have easy access to their phones, water bottle, keys, etc. things that need frequent access! I only store lunch bags, blankets, or jackets in the bottom and attach the diaper bag to the handlebar or on my back so that its in reach! I do my best to keep the storage basket only for bulkier items and small items in my bag!

  • What are must haves to keep in the stroller at all times?

I always keep a blanket (lightweight in warmer months and a thicker one in colder months) in the stroller and a few lollipops (for emergency purposes LOL)! Because I always have my diaper bag with me, I just attach it to the stroller while we are out and have everything I need right there!

  • Which strollers are smoothest with pushing that you've had experience with?

All three strollers that I have used have had very smooth rides! I used the Uppababy Cruz with my oldest, Baby Jogger City Select with my second and third baby, then switched to the Zoe Twin+ a few months after having our third baby! The main downside to the City Select is that it is HEAVY, so pushing that plus two children is a workout lol

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