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Baby Registry Must Haves

Updated: Nov 16, 2020

I know, preparing for a new baby, especially if you’re a first time parent, can be quite intimidating. Well, it doesn’t have to be! What I tell all of my friends who are expecting is, KEEP IT SIMPLE! You really don’t need tons of things because the reality is, you may not even use it all, your baby may not like all of the fancy things, plus they grow FAST (unfortunately).

Here is a list of my must have essential items for babies! I share this list with all of my friends who have asked for help and figured it needed a permanent spot! All of these items can be found on Amazon, most at Buy Buy Baby, and some at Target - I also recommend registering at all three of these places! Why? Because sometimes they have different deals for the same product AND you get free gift bags that are often filled with samples and coupons (who doesn't love free stuff?!) AND they all offer a completion discount once you reach a certain date before your anticipated due date!

Feel free to comment with questions or even your own suggestions to add to the list!

Travel Gear

Travel System/Stroller+Carseat Combo

You will need a safe and reliable carseat and stroller, preferably ones that are compatible with one another to make shopping, daily walks, and traveling simple and seamless!

Here are some suggestions of Car Seat + Stroller Combos:

Uppababy Mesa + Uppababy Cruz/Vista

  • The difference between the Uppababy Cruz and Vista strollers is that the Cruz is a single stroller and the Vista can be used as a single or double stroller and comes with a bassinet! The stroller and carseat are sold separately, but you can find great deals on Amazon, some that even sell them altogether!

LINK: Uppababy Cruz

LINK: Uppababy Vista

Maxi-Cosi Zelia Max 5in1 Modular Travel System

  • What I like most about this travel system is that its more affordable for a still luxurious look, and the stroller seat can convert into a bassinet then back into the seat for when your baby is big enough! This can also be found on Amazon or BuyBuyBaby!

LINK: Maxi-Cosi Zelia 5in1 Modular Travel System

Chicco Fit2/Keyfit + Baby Jogger City Select

  • Chicco is one of the top rated car seats for safety, and a great option! While Chicco does make their own travel systems, I personally have this combo and really like it! Chicco makes a standard infant car seat in different models (Keyfit) as well as a model that can be used for your baby’s first two years (Fit2). Chicco Car Seats are also compatible with the Baby Jogger City select stroller which can be used as a single or double stroller. The only downside to the Baby Jogger City Select is that it is on the heavier side, but its such great quality, and honestly, you get used to it!

LINK: Chicco Keyfit

LINK: Chicco Fit2

LINK: Baby Jogger City Select

Here’s a couple pictures of how I use our stroller!

Diaper Bag

I HIGHLY recommend having a backpack diaper bag! Life is so much easier when you can be hands free. New moms, you will quickly learn how to use one hand or other parts of your body to get the job done, but when you’re out and about, having both hands free makes life a million times easier! Backpacks stay in place and carry the same amount of weight on your shoulders instead of one shoulder doing all the work, it's better for YOUR body too! Occasionally I like to pull out my tote diaper bag, but my go-to is the backpack!

Petunia Picklebottom Boxy Backpack

  • I’ve loved this diaper bag since before I even had kids, and knew it was what I wanted when my time came! I had this with my first and loved it! There is so much space inside AND it has a built in (removable) changing pad! You can use it as a backpack or with the shoulder strap. PPB Diaper bags are such great quality, you really can’t go wrong with any style! Can be found on Amazon, BuyBuyBaby, Pottery Barn Kids, and Nordstrom

LINK: Petunia Picklebottom Diaperbag

LAND Diaper Backpack

  • These diaper backpacks have become quite popular over the last few years and here’s why: They're super affordable (mine only cost $24.99), amazing quality, and offers a great amount of space inside with lots of pockets and compartments! This is a great option for anyone, and there are hundreds of different styles! I just went with black to keep things simple!

LINK: LAND Diaper Backpack


There are so many options when it comes to where baby sleeps! I never had a nursery for the boys, so they were always in my room! With Mason we had a crib from Day 1 and Zion slept in a bassinet until he was 8 months old, then we transitioned him to a crib. Ideally, it is nice to have baby closeby and sleep next to you until they are able to sleep through the night, or until you are ready to transition them to their own room! Here are some options!


  • You want to get a crib that can grow with your baby, unless you prefer to buy them a new bed once they outgrow their crib! Whatever you feel is best for your family is the way to go!

Pictured: IKEA SUNDVIK Crib ($139)

Crib Mattress

When looking for a mattress, you want great quality so that it lasts, and make sure that it is firm! A firm mattress is safer for infants to sleep on rather than really soft and plush ones!

Playard/Pack n’ Play

Using one of these instead of a crib right away is also a great option, especially if you travel often or if you’d like to keep it in another room, like the living room, for baby to rest in while you are in there! Your baby will use this for at least 1.5-2 years, maybe even longer! What’s great is most come with the bassinet insert with a changing pad or if you don’t plan on using it for your infant and just for the toddler stage, you can purchase one without the bassinet insert! There’s so many options - here are some that I personally have used, and what I plan to use in the future!

Graco PackNPlay

Ranges in price from $90-330 depending on the features that you desire!

LINK: Graco Pack N Play

Pack N Play Sheets

4moms Breeze Plus Playard

This is another great option, it has a more sleek look which I personally like and is easy to fold (definitely husband proof LOL) It comes with the changer, but you can also purchase the storage caddy separately if you want that as well!

LINK: 4moms Breeze Plus Playard

Storage Caddy

Bassinet Sheet


Having a lounger is totally optional, but nice to have to lay baby in if you don’t want to lay them directly on the floor or in their bed. A lounger of any kind is great to take from room to room or when visiting family or traveling! Here are a couple I have looked into!

DockATot Deluxe+

This lounger comes in a variety of designs which is nice and also has several accessories to meet your needs! I personally just used it by itself, and that was just enough for us! It also comes in a bigger size for toddlers (DockATot Grand).

LINK: DockATot Deluxe+

SnuggleMe Organic

The SnuggleMe, I have heard, is a bit more snuggly than the DockATot and costs a bit less as well, but overall is just about the same in function! It comes in different solid colors as well.

LINK: SnuggleMe

Boppy Original Newborn Lounger

This lounger is the most affordable of the three options and is a great option for 0-3 or 4 months!

LINK: Boppy Original Newborn Lounger


I have found it helpful to have options with baby carriers! Having a structured carrier as well as something softer, like a wrap carrier is great! I have found the structured carriers to be easier when the baby is a little bit older, just passed the newborn stage, and the wraps to be perfect for the newborn stage! They’re able to fit more snugly and be a bit more comfortable for newborns! I highly recommend going into the store to see different options and even try them on to decide which would be best for you!

Lillebaby Complete Original Carrier

Lillebaby has hundreds of designs of their carriers as well as different models, this is their original carrier and one that I have! It offers great support and can be used in 6 different positions! My go-to are front facing, on my back or the traditional way of facing me!

LINK: Lillebaby Complete Original Carrier

Wrap Carrier

There are many different brands, and whichever you choose will be great! I have used the Boba and Cuddlebug

LINK: Boba Wrap Baby Carrier

LINK: Cuddlebug Wrap Baby Carrier


There is so much involved when it comes to feeding your baby! If you are able to breastfeed full time, POWER TO YA! That’s amazing and go for it! However, full time breastfeeding is not an option for every mother for various reasons, and I fall into that category! With bottle feeding, keep it simple, you do not need tons of bottles but also know that a bottle you choose, may not be the right bottle for your baby! I will share a few of my favorite bottles and bottle accessories below:


I recommend getting a set of bottles instead of several individual bottles, unless you would like to but a few individual bottles to see what works best for you! I have found that these two bottles worked perfectly for my boys from newborn on, and I both breastfed and bottlefed them.

AVENT Natural Bottle

These are your tradition and pretty basic yet reliable baby bottle! I remember my mom using these for my younger sisters 20 years ago, and I use them for my own babies! I also like that if you prefer a glass bottle, they offer a glass bottle set as well as the plastic set!

LINK: Philips Avent Natural Glass Bottle Baby Gift Set

LINK: Philips Avent Natural Bpa Free Baby Bottle Newborn Starter Gift Set

BOON Nursh

I discovered these bottles when I was pregnant with Zion and thought that they were amazing! What I love most is that they have the silicone insert that collapses as baby drinks that prevents baby from sucking in air which can lead to gas, they also come in lots of fun colors! Another great thing about this bottle versus other bottles that have the vent systems is that it's all one piece instead of having multiple pieces. When the baby is hungry, it is so much easier to pop in the insert, pour in the milk than feed rather than having to fumble with different pieces or even having to wash multiple bottle pieces!

LINK: Boon Website

LINK: Boon NURSH Bundle Starter Set with Bottles and Drying Rack

LINK: Boon NURSH Bottle Set

Bottle Cleaning Accessories

Boon Cacti Bottle Cleaning Brush Set (4pieces)

There are many different bottle brushes, but these I have found to be the easiest to use and to keep clean! There is no metal or extra parts, so less risk of it growing mildew or mold after multiple uses like other brands. The container/holder is also very easy to clean which is another plus!

LINK: Boon Cacti Bottle Cleaning Brush Set (4pieces)

BOON Lawn/Grass Drying Rack

This is such a great drying rack because it’s not an eyesore and it is also very easy to clean! It comes in two sizes, the LAWN and GRASS, the Lawn is bigger than the Grass, and also comes in Green, Gray and White! Another thing I love is that you don’t have to use it solely for bottles, you can use it for your own dishes, water bottles, flatware, and more!